Thursday, 31 March 2016

March 31, 2016 - the problem with only writing a post once a year is that it is really hard to know exactly where to begin!

There were many races in 2015 from 5K to the marathon and many different tutus. Few things make running as much fun as running (or dancing or leaping) in a tutu!

As the veteran of 50 marathons, it takes a pretty unique event to get me excited to do another 26.2 miles.  But, I found two unique and fun marathons that I couldn't resist doing.  I didn't train for either as I was focused on swimming so that made them "interesting" to see when the wheels would fall off. 

  • Loonie's Midnight Marathon started at midnight late July in Tennessee!  Ever do a race that was in the 90s with equal humidity? It was crazy hot, even to me and I usually like heat. I had to take my tutu off and basically took off everything that wasn't essential to keep some level of modesty in place. The heat added a brutal dimension to the race but the darkness and sheer strangeness of starting at midnight was really fun!
  • Beat the Berch was a trail marathon that took place in Carnation, Washington in September.  Just imagine water stops that included couches, birthday cake and twinkies. It was crazy and awesome all in one. 
But the true highlight of my 2015 season was raising funds for Camp Brigadoon and swimming from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island as a participant in the BIG SWIM.  The ocean crossing took me six hours and two minutes and I loved every single minute of it.  I am as proud of that swim as I have ever been about any Ironman or Marathon. I am not a natural swimmer and it took my complete focus and dedication to do that ocean swim. Trust me folks, the bigger the goal the greater the pride!

And now we are up to 2016. Well this year is already made because I was invited to Disney to participate in a Race Director Series. Along with my husband we were the only Canadian Race Directors invited. Wow. Talk about an honor. Does anyone do running events as good as Disney? Well these are the World Majors Marathon race directors (BOSTON, BERLIN, TOKYO, NEW YORK, CHICAGO... and Sole Sisters!). To be recognized with this group of the very best was such a treat. Couldn't get any better...

And then it got even better.  I placed in the special Race Director category and look who is giving me my award. That is Jon Hughes (Disney Race Director) and Paula Radcliffe.  I actually ran just over a mile with Paula in the Half Marathon and it was a DREAM COME TRUE.

Now I am busy planning the race season because Sole Sisters is celebrating its 5th Anniversary and we are  now a Race Series complete with GIRLS ONLY RACES, our popular 5K and the only women's only Quarter & Half Marathon in Eastern Canada.  No resting over here!  Hope to see you at the races.

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