Sunday, 15 February 2015

RUNNING USA 2015, a race director's conference, took me to New Orleans ("NOLA") from February 7-11, 2015. Not a bad time to be away from winter in Nova Scotia and a great start to the Mardi Gras festivities.  I knew there would be some running with the conference but was excited to find a local 5K race. The 504K benefited youth running in NOLA and had about 1,000 participants.  I ran the event with my friend from college (her first time in a tutu) and we happily jogged the event with no stress or pressure to race it!  I don't even have our finish times.  But I do have a picture.  Don't you just love the tutus?  I can't wait to see 2,500 tutus on the gals of Sole Sisters Women's Race this June. 

As I ran back to the hotel to get ready for the conference, I stumbled upon a parade in progress. I went over to watch the parade and was immediately showered with beads. The ones that were put around my neck were nice, the ones that came flying at me were a bit scary. What can I say? Tutus make a girl very popular. Don't believe me? Then look at all my beads. I didn't do anything for them but stand by the parade route, honest!

We ran 5K each morning and the route took us along the Mississippi River and back down Bourbon Street. The roads were clear as we were out very early so it was fun to take over the roads. But my last night in NOLA I decided to join a local running group, HAPPY'S RUNNING CLUB that has the philosophy: Run... drink... and be happy! The 5K route would take us through the active streets of NOLA in the evening.  I had to do a lot of dodging the tourists on Bourbon Street which is hard for a runner used to moving in one plane. But it was fun. I took all the beads I had been given over the weekend and gave them out as I ran.

I highly recommend NOLA as an absolutely amazing vacation destination. There are many runners and a vibrant racing community. If you are looking for more information on the running scene go to the New Orleans Track Club website.

I love all the adventures that running brings me.  Last month it was the Bermuda Challenge!  This month was New Orleans and before the month ends, I'll be off to Orlando (Disney's Princess 5K) and Tampa (Gasparilla Distance Classic). Yep, that is 5 races over 3 days for a total of 54 Kilometers.  That's a lot but it is my annual birthday race weekend and I get to do 2 of the races on my actual birthday!

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